Czech-Liechtenstein joint Commission of Historians

Research topics


The research of the Czech-Liechtenstein relations and the work of the Lichtenstein family in the territory of today's Czech Republic does not begin on a green meadow. On the contrary, members of the Czech-Liechtenstein Commission of Historians can build on a long research tradition. There is a very extensive and varied professional literature on the issue monitored by the Czech-Liechtenstein Commission of Historians. It deals with both the history of the Liechtenstein princely house, but also with the history of the Principality of Liechtenstein, the history of the Czech lands and their successor states. In recent years, literature on Lichtenstein has been created primarily in Moravia, which is oriented not only to the professional public but also to a wide audience. It records the rich cultural heritage left by Liechtenstein in Moravia in the form of castles, churches or vineyards. Furthermore, there are significant research findings on Liechtenstein as well as on the Czech side. They deal with the mutual relations of the Czech lands and Liechtenstein, which were published separately (eg Lucia Dallabon, Ondřej Horák, Václav Horčička, Marek Vařek) partly as part of larger works (eg David Beattie, Peter Geiger, Hervert Haupt, Tomas Knoz, Rupert Quaderer, Thomas Winkelbauer, Jan Županič). On these valuable foundations, the Czech-Liechtenstein Commission could establish its research.